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Welcome to our website!

Gaia –Events is a new woman’s initiative for parties, club-nights and other events.
The idea to put parties in a theatrical, fairytale or mythology style has been here for years and is reality now. As Gaia means “earth”, we are looking forward to keep the parties groovy and exotic, having music and woman influences from all kind of different continents involving different kind of performers such as theater artists, dancers, musicians or other artistic input.
We strongly focus to create a warm and friendly atmosphere and to treat all our visitors on an equal and friendly way.
The parties will continue in different kind of locations and will only take place sporadically.
That way we are able to create special nights where we can organize and prepare the party with all enthusiasm and passion we have to keep it special!

A big thank you to all the women who take their time and effort to visit our parties and enjoying some nice moments with us!
next Gaia Party will be Medusa!

Regards, Gina K

Definitions of Gaia:
As word: “land or earth” Greek mythology:
As the Mother Goddess and the Goddess of the Earth she brought forth the starry sky (ouranos), her equal, to cover her, the hills and the fruitless deep of the Sea. The earth is a living entity who adapts the environment to promote life.